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Zumbrota Market Report 2017-06-08

44326 County 6 Blvd PO Box 185 Zumbrota MN 55992
TOLL FREE Phone: 877-732-7305 Fax: 507-732-7791
Thursday June 8, 2017
Special Beef Breeding Bull Auction
On the Beef Breeding Bull Auction, Thursday June 8, 2017 we sold 133 bulls.
Standing room only crowd!
The top selling yearling was a Black Angus Bull consigned by Stone Oak Angus, of Kasson
MN, at $2500.00
The top selling 2-yr-old was a Black Angus Consigned by Cooney's JRC Angus Ranch, of
Le Center, MN at $2325.00
Top quality yearling bulls of serviceable size 1500.00-2500.00head
Top quality 2-3 yr old bulls1485.00-2325.00head
Lightweight and mixed quality bulls 975.00-1485.00head
Kasson, MN1 Black Angus Bull - yearling2500.00head
Le Center, MN1 Black Angus Bull - 2 year old2325.00head
Mabel, MN1 Black Angus Bull - yearling2300.00head
Kasson, MN1 Black Angus Bull - yearling2285.00head
Mabel, MN1 Black Angus Bull - yearling2185.00head
Spring Grove, MN1 Black Angus Bull - 2 year old1910.00head
Mindoro, WI1 Black Angus Bull - 2 year old1900.00head
Zumbrota, MN1 Red Angus Bull - yearling1775.00head
Zumbrota, MN1 Red Angus Bull - 2 year old1635.00head
Goodhue, MN1 Black Angus Bull - yearling1600.00head
Rushford, MN1 Hereford Bull - 2 year old1600.00head
Buffalo Lake, MN1 Hereford Bull - yearling1525.00head
Rushford, MN1 Hereford Bull - yearling1500.00head
Mindoro, WI4 Black Angus Bulls - yearlings1500.00head
Buffalo Lake, MN2 Hereford Bulls - yearlings1450.00head
Esmond, ND1 Black Angus Bull - yearling1435.00head
Hampton, MN1 Black Simmental - yearling1410.00head
Spring Grove, MN1 Black Angus Bulls - yearling1400.00head
Rushford, MN1 Red Angus Bulls - yearling1375.00head
Rushford, MN1 Red Anugs Bulls - yearling1325.00head
Pine Island, MN1 Black Angus Bulls - yearling1250.00head
Thank You to all consignors and buyers for making our Beef Breeding Bull Auction a huge success!!
Remember we sell beef breeding bulls every Monday.